Our Team

Dr. Myles Starkman


Dr. Myles Starkman is a highly respected chiropractic physician known for his dedication to providing exceptional healthcare services. With a wealth of experience spanning over four decades, Dr. Starkman has become a trusted figure in the wellness community. His commitment to patient care is evident in his compassionate approach, thorough evaluation, and innovative treatment plans. Following the CANI philosophy (constant and never-ending improvement) he continually strives for excellence in his practice, incorporating leading edge technologies and modalities to ensure the best possible outcomes for those under his care. 

Dr. Myles Starkman is not just a doctor; he is a true healthcare advocate, dedicated to improving the well-being of his patients and their communities. 


Craniosacral Therapist/Massage Therapist

Aaron began his massage career in 2013 after graduating from Educating Hands School of Massage. He is a State of Florida Licensed Massage Therapist and, also graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a degree in Criminal Forensic Studies and Criminal Justice. During his time in massage school he was introduced to Craniosacral Therapy and found his “true calling”.

He began to specialize in Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute. He continues to take advanced classes in CranioSacral Therapy, including applications for using CST for Somato-Emotional Release. He believes that learning is a life long endeavor and is constantly seeking to expand his education.

Aaron has been a lifetime chiropractic patient; he has been getting regularly adjusted since he was born. Aaron say’s I don’t get adjusted because I have a sore back or stiff neck, or any other symptoms. I get adjusted because it’s a great idea, because it makes sense. I feel better, I sleep better, I perform better and I just enjoy life more when I get adjusted regularly.”

Outside of work, Aaron loves to practice Vinyasa yoga and he enjoys reading, movies and morning jogs.

From your first contact with Aaron, you will notice his enthusiasm for service to his patients. His passion is in the sincere interest of his patient’s well being and it rarely goes unnoticed.