Meet Dr. Starkman

“Hurting My Back When I Was 19 Years Old Is One Of The Best Things That Ever Happened To Me!”

It has led to a rewarding career, a family, and some amazing experiences. Along with caring for several thousand people over the past 40+ years, I have been fortunate to be the chiropractor for the Miami City Ballet, working with several Miami professional sports teams, and taking care of local and visiting celebrities. Twice I have been flown halfway around the world to take care of royalty. It’s been quite an adventure.

My journey began in 1975. While bent over painting the baseboard my back “went out”. Friends took me to their chiropractor where I experienced immediate relief. After a few visits and sensing my curiosity, he said I should consider becoming a chiropractor and gave me some pamphlets to read. The philosophy of life and health I read about made sense. Being able to decrease stress and improve the quality of people’s lives by removing nerve interference was something I became passionate about. Seven months later, I enrolled at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

In college, I learned about our amazing capacity to heal, how wonderful our bodies are, and how health comes from above-down-inside-out. While there, I also met my incredible wife. We married in 1981. Our three sons were born at home, have received chiropractic adjustments since birth, and have never been vaccinated. (If that sounds interesting, I’d love to discuss it with you.)

Since opening my office in 1980, it has been my privilege to assist and facilitate in the healing of so many. Thanks to my wife, a midwife, and the midwifery communities’ referrals, taking care of pregnant women, babies, and children has always been an important part of my practice. Being in the Brickell area has allowed me to de-stress the bankers, lawyers, assistants and others who make Miami run.

Desiring to share health concepts and give people tools to improve their home and work environments, I created “Wellness in the Workplace”; a workshop offered to local businesses and organizations as a public service.

My postgraduate studies in spinal biomechanics, neurology, nutrition, and technique allow me to incorporate leading edge methods into patient care. The focus is always on the whole person, not just the initial complaint. With high-tech and a soft touch, my care is gentle and extremely effective, with restoration and optimization of health being the goal.

Miracles happen in my office every day. From the infant with ear infections, the child with allergies or asthma, the adult with fatigue, digestive problems, headache, and back pain, to the athlete wanting a competitive edge- all are better off with less stress and improved function. Please call or text or email me and let us help YOU take the next step to better health.

- Dr. Myles

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