Chronic Health Conditions

Do you feel like a professional patient, going from doctor to doctor, with your long list of symptoms and drugs that didn't work? Then not being heard or understood, only to be given more drugs and hoping this time it will help? At the Oasis Chiropractic Center we offer more than hope- we get results.

The cause of most chronic conditions is the result of experiencing long term, constant, chronic, physical, mental, emotional and environmental stresses and trauma. Over time this prevents your brain from functioning properly. Unable to keep up with the demands of life and not having the resources to respond to stressors, systems break down. This leads to conditions like chronic fatigue, autoimmune and weakened immune problems, neurological problems, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, balance problems, thyroid and adrenal issues, and much more.

After a detailed history, a thorough exam and testing, a personalized treatment plan can begin that gets to the cause of your condition and gives your brain and body the opportunity to heal.

Utilizing a combination of functional neurology, functional nutrition and the most up to date treatment protocols, we use high tech and a soft touch to help restore balance and optimize your health.

​​​​​​​As you can see from the chart below, when the stresses of life are more than you can handle, the brain get overwhelmed and becomes under-aroused, unstable, or over-aroused- resulting in many conditions and eventually diseases.

sympathetic vs parasympathetic nervous system

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