Child Developmental Problems

Being the parent of a child with developmental issues can be stressful physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can be challenging, confusing, exhausting, depressing and uplifting- all at the same time. Going from doctor to doctor, speech therapy to occupational therapy, tutors and teachers, always looking for answers- why is my child this way, what can we do about it, and how can I help my child thrive?

Here at the Oasis Chiropractic Center, we have answers, hope, and help. It’s all about the brain, neural networks(circuits), and the nerve system properly communicating with the body. From the start, there can be stresses on your child’s brain and nerve system that create interference with normal processes of growth and development in the proper order. This can result in a ”disconnected kid” as Dr. Robert Melillo describes it.

Without proper energy, sensory input, and motion, normal function is disturbed and results in imbalances in the brain( we call this hemispheric). This leads to conditions like ADD/ADHD, spectrum disorders, speech delays, dyslexia, motor planning and sense integration problems, behavioral issues, anxiety, a weakened immune system, gut dysbiosis and much more. This can happen to anyone, and does, it’s just a matter of degree.

I understand how frustrating finding the right path can be. You might be thinking, we’ve tried lots of things why bring my child to you? Because it’s different here.

It begins with a thorough exam, determining if: your child’s brain is stuck in stress mode(fight or flight, sympathetic), if are there imbalances between the hemispheres of the brain, are there any primitive reflexes still present, what’s the state of their vestibular(balance) system, and more. An individualized treatment plan is then created using the most up-to-date modalities and technology. It’s designed to reboot and update your child’s brain and body, optimize their performance, and restore balance and harmony in your child, and ultimately in your household.

Please text or call (305) 374-5866 for a complimentary phone consultation. Let me answer your questions, earn your trust, and help your child.