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Kids Corner

Dr. Starkman, Adjusting Child

It’s a common misconception that newborn children are too young for a spinal examination.

Kids Playing OutdoorsChiropractic Care can start from the very beginning of life. Mothers and babies can benefit when the pregnant mother receives chiropractic care to ease the strain of the weight gain and the hormonal changes taking place during pregnancy. Studies have shown that mothers who receive chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy reduce their labor time by over two hours. It’s a common misconception that newborn children are too young for a spinal examination. The birth process, even today’s “natural” childbirth methods, can lead to a newborn’s first subluxation/ misalignment. Initial studies suggest that unusual crying, colic; poor appetite, ear infections, or even inconsistent sleeping habits can be signs of spinal distress in newborns. Newborn adjustments offer gentle relief for the baby and apply no more pressure than is used to test the ripeness of a tomato. Dr. Starkman can test the child and adjust them almost without them even noticing.

Infants and children are just as susceptible to spinal misalignments and trauma as adults, perhaps even more so! Learning to crawl, walk, ride a bike, rollerblade and/or play sports can produce what we know as “growing pains”. Don’t wait until the child exhibits health problems to get them checked out. Ignored, problems can worsen becoming more difficult to correct in adulthood.
Youngsters who carry overloaded backpacks & schoolbags can also benefit from Chiropractic Care. Backpack weight is an increasing problem, and studies show that heavy backpacks can lead to both back pain and poor posture, noted the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). Poorly designed chairs, sitting for long periods and lack of physical activity can also contribute to low back pain in children and adolescents. Ask Dr. Starkman for specific instruction regarding ergonomic parameters for your child.

Have you noticed your child’s posture?

Dr. Starkman, ThrowbackDr. Starkman has over 30 years of experience treating children with very gentle and safe procedures. He specializes in treating children ear aches, colic and digestive issues.

Studies show that Chiropractic care may also benefit children who are diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) by reducing hyperactivity. During a preliminary test, researchers concluded that “…the majority of the children in this study did, in fact, improve under specific chiropractic care. The results suggest that chiropractic manipulation has the potential to become an important non-drug intervention for children with hyperactivity.” (J Manipulative Physical Therapy 1989;12:353-63.)

There are so many reasons to have your child become a chiropractic patient and once your children see that chiropractic adjustments do not hurt and, in fact, are fun and feel great they will enjoy visiting our office. We offer a comfortable and safe environment for children, complete with toys and stickers, which seem to be a big hit with the kids and some adults.

Regardless of the age or condition, a better working spine and properly functioning nervous system is essential for optimal health for you and your child.

Family Chiropractic Care is a common thing here at Oasis Chiropractic Center. We see hundreds of families who want to feel great and be their very best.

Why do tiny babies need Chiropractic Care?

Dr. Starkman says “To stay healthy, of course.” There are many times in a young life when a baby or kid may be more vulnerable to spinal subluxations: The birth process, when they first learn to hold their head up, when they start to crawl, and especially when they are learning to walk. Of course then comes running, falling, crashing into things and doing it over and over again. Make sure your child has every opportunity to live a healthy life.

Those bumps from crashing the bike, falling on inline skates, and learning to play sports, all add up.

Parents don’t miss the warning signs.

Are your children complaining more and more about their stomach hurting? Do they complain about headaches? Are they getting more ear aches? Are their school back packs to heavy, even for you? These are all clear indications that they should come in to Oasis Chiropractic Center for a visit with Dr. Starkman.

Infant Care and Chiropractic

You do so much…

Dr. Starkman and FamiliesYou take so many precautions to ensure your baby’s health: during pregnancy you make sure you eat all the right things; you avoid alcohol, cigarettes and all types of drugs (like aspirin, cold and flu medications and other over-the-counter medications). You do this because you know that all of these things can damage your unborn child and/or cause problems during pregnancy. You also educate yourself on holistic and natural pregnancies. You even opt for a natural, drug-free birth. You get routinely adjusted during your entire pregnancy for the relief and discomfort experienced during pregnancy and because you’ve read that Regular chiropractic care can also provide a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery for both mother and baby. You may have even occasionally gotten a pre-natal massages.

After the baby is born you choose to breast-feed knowing that it is the superior form of nutrition; in short, you do everything you can to ensure your baby is thriving and healthy.

But have you had your baby’s spine and nervous system checked?

Baby Playing with Demonstration SpineHow do you know if your child’s nervous system is properly functioning and if his/her spine is healthy?

An unhealthy spine or improperly working nervous system can affect your child’s health for his/her entire life.

All of Dr. Starkman’s children were adjusted at two days old. We are here to answer all of your questions. Better educated parents raise healthier children.

Now is the time to start. Contact us for your Child’s First Chiropractic Visit.

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