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Your health and safety are still our primary concern!

Starting Monday, February 21st, 2022 due to “recent trends and regulatory guidance”  face coverings will be optional for all patients and staff.

Now, more than ever, it is important to be our best.

Reducing the effects of physical, emotional, and nutritional stress is one of the best ways to get healthy and build immunity. The services we provide at Oasis Chiropractic Center are designed to do just that.

Oasis Safety Guidelines:

  1. We will not schedule a patient who exhibits any signs of Covid-19, flu, or a cold. We also ask that should you experience any Covid-19 related symptoms, have possible exposure concerns, and/ or test positive that you immediately call to cancel your visit.
  2. No staff member will come to work if they exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms or have tested positive for Covid-19.
  3. Masks are not required but optional.
  4. Visits are by appointment only, no walk-ins.
  5. Seating capacities in our waiting room are limited and will always meet or exceed state and local regulations. We still encourage social distancing in our office.
  6. Patients that arrive late for their appointment may be re-scheduled.
  7. You will find a hand sanitizer in the reception area and other places in the office for you to use.
  8. We will keep the waiting room door open to minimize contamination and prevent touching handles.
  9. The staff will disinfect all surfaces a patient or staff comes in contact with within treatment rooms.
  10. The doctor and staff will clean their hands with hand sanitizer before and after touching each patient.
  11. We will no longer offer blankets/ towels in our treatment rooms. Please bring warm clothing as the office can be cold. Women should wear pants/leggings as towels and blankets cannot be provided for modesty.
  12. Due to the privacy and consideration of others, we currently have a strict No Cell Phone Policy in the office. Please make your necessary calls/texts before arriving and turn your cell phone OFF before entering. Now, more than ever, it is important to focus on your health and healing.
  13. Payments can be made using a Touchless Credit Card Reader at the front desk window. You can choose 5 ways to pay.
    ways to pay

We appreciate your continued trust in our abilities to provide our patients with a safe and healing environment.

We know that together we can move forward and be better, healthier, and more conscious people.

See you soon! Remember that the new handshake is a wave, head nod, bow, or Hawaiian shaka, take your pick.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Myles Starkman